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A just and equitable digital world–for Aotearoa and the planet.

Enable big conversations with and within our communities, while amplifying the voices of those harmed by digital technologies and working toward solutions for an equitable and just internet.

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We host events and reading groups to enhance digital inclusion and encourage robust public engagement with – and understanding of – the impacts of new digital technologies.


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No one else in New Zealand combines our knowledge about the needs of the public sector, civil society, and institutions with our expertise in the practical, legal, policy, and ethical complexities of data-driven technologies, online mis/disinformation, the impact of data-centric internet business models, and copyright.


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Tohatoha supports New Zealand to become a digital nation with a digitally sophisticated population. We work at the intersection of the digital world and the day to day operations of the public sector, civil society, and institutions across the country. By providing the acumen needed to navigate the legal, ethical, and practical challenges of digital transformation, we bolster social cohesion, wise procurement choices, and a workforce whose digital literacy goes beyond the basics.


Tohatoha, Level 7, 62 Victoria Street West, Auckland