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Jared Cleary

Jared is budding art student with a particular interest in 3D Animation who has chosen to release his final 3D animation class project, “Zombee Mirror” on YouTube with a CC licence. He first heard about CC when the art hosting website DeviantART integrated Creative Commons licences into the process of uploading material to their site. After visiting CC Aotearoa New Zealand to see what it was all about, he chose the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 New Zealand version for his work.

Tell us about your work, and what makes you want to create the things you do.

“Zombee Mirror” was my end of year project for the 3DA Year 1 course at Lifeway College. As to why i studied 3DA (3D Animation), the answer is fairly simple – I was just interested. I’m planning on eventually doing some more traditional art studies, particularly life drawing, and general design stuff.
For me the biggest thing about my work is trying to tell stories – and that’s my motivator as well – I love stories, in any shape or form, from classic Greek mythology to modern day comics and animation. That’s what motivates me to keep creating – the continual drive to tell new stories, new ideas, new concepts, that in turn (I hope) will inspire others to create their own.

Why would anyone need to worry about intellectual property when publishing their creative work?

Simply put, to protect one’s own work – and Creative Commons gives you great control, while still allowing people to share around and be inspired by your own work, which I think is great.

How would you want people to view and/or use your work?

I like people to be able to freely share my work around, so long as it’s not for profit. I also prefer that people see my original work – although anyone who is interested in creating a derivative work is welcome to contact me for permission. Hence, I use an Attribution-Noncommercial-Non-Derivative Works licence.
To me, Creative Commons offers the ability to set my work free, as it were, and let people freely pass it around as they will, or not. It’s really a lot of fun seeing where your ideas might end up. It was nice, simple and easy to do – a relief in fact compared to many things these days.

Future directions for yourself?

For now I plan to work on increasing my skills in traditional mediums, particularly drawing. I do have one project on the go, but that’s strictly under-wraps until i decide to release it.
From there? Wherever life takes me. It should be a fun adventure.

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