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The Mukuna Gig Guide is a service that helps bands, venues, promoters and punters find each other on the Auckland and Wellington events calendar, and uses Creative Commons to release event information online.
“Mukuna’s aim is to provide accurate and informative music event listings, with as little bias as possible,” says co-founder Jeff Root. “We cover multiple genres, syndicate content to multiple websites, and work across multiple devices. We don’t hype gigs; we just try to pass on a bit of local knowledge with the hope of helping users find out what’s on. More signal, less noise.”
The Mukuna system syndicates gig listings to MySpace pages, business and personal websites. Mukuna runs a website, a mobile website and a gigs-by-return-text SMS service where users text a music genre, neighbourhood, day of the week or venue name to 5477 (LISP, as in five four theven theven) to receive a list of gigs related to their query. The text service covers Central Auckland and Central Wellington.
NZ Music Month 2008 chose Mukuna to power their nationwide gig guide. Radio stations 95bFM, George FM, Base FM, KFM, Fleet FM, and UP FM use parts of the Mukuna system, as do many venue owners and bookers.
The company was founded in 2006, and is run by five people involved in the New Zealand music scene: Manuel Matisi (DJ Manuel Bundy), David Carroll (Rhythmethod, DJ Nyntee), Jef Kay (George FM), Lisa Salmon (DJ Lisa from Down the Road), and Jeff Root (DJ Jefe MaƱana).
License Usage
Users submit content as Creative Commons material. Mukuna staff edits, fact checks and augments this content before publishing it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Licence.
Those behind this project dedicate many hours to it. A Creative Commons licence allows them to release information for free use and dissemination, while maintaining credit for their efforts.

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