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NZ On Screen is an NZ On Air initiative that commenced in 2007. As NZ On Air has funded over 15,000 hours of local television production, NZ On Screen has become an integral part of its digital strategy delivering much of this content, previously not easily accessible, to the public.
The majority of NZ On Screen’s video material is republished with copyright owners’ permission under “all rights reserved”, and gaining video permissions has proved to be the greatest use of project resources. However, much of the content created by NZ On Screen itself is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 New Zealand licence, including synopses, perspectives and all ScreenTalk materials.
According to Brenda Leeuwenberg, Project Director of NZ on Screen, the decision to use Creative Commons for staff generated content was an appropriate way to release these publicly funded pieces of work. Creative Commons licences are also an easily recognisable tool for letting visitors know what they can and can’t do with the content. The team at NZ On Screen has designed a Creative Commons end-frame to ScreenTalk videos, enabling the licences to remain clearly visible when the YouTube videos are replayed.
Creative Commons licences have so far freed up the processes that enable widespread take-up of ScreenTalk video sharing, with the videos having already been republished online through popular screen culture websites like New Zealand Film and TV and The Big Idea.
To view ScreenTalk interviews, drop in to the NZ On Screen website or visit them on YouTube.

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