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The Open Education Resources Portal for New Zealand Schools aims to create an online community for foster the collaborative development and sharing of online resources in support of the national NZ curriculum.
OERNZ’s first newsletter (CC-BY) celebrates the Open Education Resource Commons for New Zealand Schools and encourages educators to get involved.
“It’s a natural repository of free content resources … using creative commons licences that let teachers adapt and modify them to suit the needs of their own teaching style” says Wayne Macintosh, project founder.
Wayne is also the founder of WikiEducator, an international project and one of the major supporters of Open Education Resource New Zealand. To find out more about how WikiEducator has become an educational phenomenon, a recent story from the Otago Daily Times follows its progress.
Congratulations to Wayne and all those involved in the OERNZ project! To find out how to become a WikiAmbassador for your school, visit the OERNZ page here.

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