Advisory Panel

I’m pleased to introduce our inaugural CC Panel Members who will be contributing to Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand.

Penny Carnaby, National Librarian.
Penny Carnaby and The National Library have been involved with Creative Commons in New Zealand since its first planning stages and have supported its development under the Council for the Humanities.

Wayne Mackintosh, Open Education Resource Foundation.
Wayne is a founding figure for OERF and WikiEducator, both are structures which foster open access within educational institutions.

Colin Jackson, IT consultant.
Colin is a well known Internet technologies consultant and an insightful CC supporter.

Aroha Meed, Victoria University of Wellington.
Aroha is a senior lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington’s Management School and specialises in Maori and Indigenous cultural and intellectual property issues.

Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Queensland University of Technology.
Brian leads the Creative Commons Australia project and has senior roles in the ARC Centre for Creative Industries and Innovation, the Open Access to Knowledge Law Project and the Legal Framework for e-Reseach.

Stephanie Pietkiewicz, True Story.
Stephanie is a business development and strategy/communications consultant with extraordinary skills in organisational branding and a love of free culture.

Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media.
Helen is Director of Mohawk Media and has a wide knowledge of digital industries and the application of Creative Commons in popular culture.

Keitha Booth, State Services Commission.
Keitha is a Senior Advisor at the State Services Commission and was integral to the development of the New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing Framework.

Fabiana Kubke, University of Auckaland.
Fabiana is a senior lecturer at Auckland’s University’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. She is a knowledgeable advocate for Creative Commons and other open access licensing initiatives for the advancement of science.

The Panel will be contributing to work undertaken by CCANZ’s Public Lead Jane Hornibrook and Legal Team members Professor Susy Frankel (Victoria University of Wellington), Andrew Matangi (Buddle Findlay), Richard Best (Department of Internal Affairs) and Paul Sumpter (University of Auckland).

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