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Charisma by Disasteradio is out under CC
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Cover art by Christina Hroch, Simon Ward, Don Brooker and Ian Jorgensen.

Our favourite Kiwi synth master Luke Rowell of Disasteradio has released a new full length album today under a “pay what you like” system complete with its own Creative Commons licence.
Charisma is an eleven track work available for download here on bandcamp. Even though you’re able to obtain the album for free, the option to give some money for this ‘cyberspace post-apocalyptic symphonic love epic’ is made really easy on the online checkout system. Or, you can show support by ordering a sweet Disasteradio fridge magnet through the A Low Hum label. It appears to be the largest fridge magnet in history.
Disasteradio had previously released five albums for download under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence which you can read more about on our website here. Interestingly Luke has decided to return to CC licensing for his tracks after releasing a freely downloadable ‘all rights reserved’ album called Visions. This time he’s going with something in-between, an Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works licence to satisfy his wish to monitor adaptations after a mammoth effort was invested in Charisma’s production.
It’s easy enough to get in touch with Disasteradio to request remixing permissions, which appears to be the object here of using a CC licence restricting derivatives – to ensure direct dialogue between the artist and those who might want to repurpose the work.
Disasteradio has used a fascinating range of licences over the last few years – lets see if the CC BY-NC-ND and ‘pay what you like’ approach strikes a warm balance for Charisma in the coming months.
Well done Luke!

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