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A new open access publication The International Journal of Wellbeing dedicated to interdisciplinary studies of wellbeing and happiness has released its inaugural issue under a Creative Commons BY NC ND licence.
New Zealanders Dan Weijers of Victoria University of Wellington’s Philosophy Department and Aaron Jarden from the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology the Open Polytechnic co-founded the international initiative.
The online journal had adopted an interdisciplinary approach to its publication so that researchers and practitioners can learn from other disciplines and promote their research to a wide audience base.
The content is intended to be accessible in three important ways, by remaining free of charge; legally shareable; and of a writing style that policy makers and the public can easily digest.
“The International Journal of Wellbeing breaks down traditional academic and publishing barriers by making the very research that can change the world for the better easily available to those who will benefit most from it” says Mr Weijers. “People really get behind the idea of open access.”
The default Creative Commons BY NC ND licence enables people to share the content freely. Contributing authors are given the opportunity to allow their readers further freedoms by selecting more permissive Creative Commons licences.

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