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The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has launched a competition for Year 9 – 13 secondary students and NZ schools to use creative remix or data mashup as a way to explore the theme of road safety.

The NZTA Remix Competition has two parts. The first is to create an infographic, mashup, creative remix, or a literature remix (based on the works of Shakespeare) using content and data from NZTA websites and publications. The second part is to present or engage with students at your school with the entry you have made, and provide evidence of having undertaken this.

Entries will open on September 1st 2012 and close on October 31st 2012.

It’s important to think about copyright when remixing the work of others. Students and teachers need to be sure that a creator is happy for their work to be used, and if so, they need to think about the conditions under which they may be allowed to use it.

The terms and conditions of the competition ask you to respect the copyright of others. “All content other than NZTA assets must be produced by the students themselves (by creating original audio, video or images) or by using remixable assets that are, in the public domain, openly licensed or with written permission of the originator.”

Videos, images and music licensed under Creative Commons (or rather, Creative Commons materials that do not prohibit derivative works) are ‘openly licensed’ resources and are perfect for remix. The creators have already given permission for their works to be reused, as long as entrants follow the terms of their CC licence.

Schools entering will need to make sure they attribute, or give credit, to each work they use in their remix – as required by each of the CC licences. Here are some useful tips for how to attribute well.

See our Licences Explained to find out more about the others terms a CC licence might set out for you.

Where to find content?

The competition’s Remixable Resources page sets out some useful places to find suitable CC licensed materials. Remember that you can also find some great images that are in the public domain (without copyright). Try The Commons collection on Flickr for old pictures from around the world. A DigitalNZ search will also help you find NZ public domain and CC materials. Need sound effects? Go to FreeSound for CC licensed tracks like urban traffic noises and car horns.

Don’t hesitate to contact or tweet us for helpful tips on finding and using CC content.


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