UC San Francisco Adopts Open Access Policy

On May 23, the Academic Senate of University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) voted to make all current and future research publicly available. The move follows years of public debate about the rising cost of academic journals and the responsibility of researchers to free up publicly funded research.

UCSF currently receives US$532.8 million from the National Institute of Health, which makes it the largest recipient in the country. This equates to more than 4,500 scientific pages each year.

A recent memorandum on journal pricing, published by the Faculty Advisory Council of Harvard University, pointed out that journal prices had increased 145% over the last six years, far outstripping both the Consumer Price Index and the Higher Education Price Index. The move by UCSF resembles similar moves at Harvard and MIT, and follows an unsuccessful push for open access across the University of California system in 2006.

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