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Taking off the covers – we've shifted to WordPress
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Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand is happy to be able to take the covers off its new website. As you’ll see:

  • we’ve retained some of the previous branding (because we like it);
  • we’ve restructured the homepage to have an upfront focus on what Creative Commons is all about, followed immediately by what matters most (getting your hands on the licences and learning how to use them) and then flowing into our and the community’s latest news and events;
  • you can subscribe to site updates by email or RSS (both if you’re really keen); and
  • you can still subscribe to the traditional community mailing list for email-based discussion with community members.

You’ll also notice that we’ve removed the “Creative Commoners” and “Forum” areas that appeared on the old site as these weren’t used much in practice. We propose to focus on alternative means of getting the community involved and will be telling you more about that soon.
In terms of what’s under the hood, the new site is running on the latest version of WordPress sitting on a virtual private server here in New Zealand. As for plugins, we’ve kept them to a minimum but are using Gravity Forms for forms, The Events Calendar for events and BackupBuddy for, well, backups. Using WordPress, itself a truly open content management system, makes it easier to manage the site and will enable us to:

  • evolve the site over time to meet the needs of the community with a minimum of hassle and cost; and
  • enjoy all the other open source goodness surrounding WordPress.

We hope you find the site useful.
Oh, and one other thing. We know there are a few loose ends to tidy up in, for example, some of the older post content. We also need to add a few of the more recent posts from the old site to this new one. We’ll be working on these things in the coming weeks. The DNS-conscious among you may also notice that the new site is here at https://www.tohatoha.org.nz, whereas https://www.tohatoha.org.nz will take you to the old site. The final DNS-changes will be made on Monday 9 July and that will result in both URLs taking you to the new site. All good.
Onwards and upwards. Keep sharing.

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