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Partnering with the Royal Society of New Zealand in the publication of the Society’s eight journals, Taylor & Francis’ goal is to maximize access to and discoverability of the quality research published within the journals. We have a dedicated publishing office in Melbourne, supporting our ANZ-based editors, society officers, libraries and authors on local time.
One of the most important elements of Taylor & Francis’ objectives as a major international publisher is to work towards the goal of broad-based access to content, through our program of the sustainable publication of Open Access (OA) journals, hybrid titles and subscription-based journals.
In the Open Access arena our goal is one of providing the highest levels of service, quality publication and maximum flexibility, enabling OA publication through development of a range of publishing and access models and through the provision of a range of licensing options to our author communities.
We support authors in fulfilling funder requirements, such as the US National Institutions of Health (NIH) mandate, through content feeds of author ‘second-stage manuscripts’ (post-peer review) for them to load into their repositories, such as PubMedCentral. These feeds are also designed to help authors as we are able to undertake the mandated online posting on their behalf. We have recently reached agreement with The World Bank for deposit of their author manuscripts into their open repository, in the fields of economics and finance.
[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]Taylor & Francis now publish 17 pure OA journals.[/quote]
Authors across all our journals globally have the right to post their manuscripts in Open repositories, after the respective embargo period has passed (12 months for Science & Technology, and 18 months for Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities titles). We are experimenting in the field of Library and Information Science with a ‘zero embargo’ pilot policy whereby authors have the right to post immediately on publication in an Open repository.
We are working hard to engage with funders to ensure that we as Publisher, our publishing partners and our journal authors are fully compliant with mandates. At the same time our objective is to make the publishing process as problem-free as possible for our authors, editors and learned societies/journal proprietors, by offering support and guidance at all stages of the publishing process, and by offering choice to authors with regard to the nature of their publication licensing.
We now publish 17 pure OA journals which are branded as Taylor & Francis Open and are based on the “gold” OA (or ‘author pays’) Article Publishing Charge (APC) model. We feel strongly that authors should not be prevented from publishing in these journals should they not have the means available to cover the APC, hence fee waivers are available to authors from developing countries. For our T&F-owned proprietary Open titles, and titles where our society partners adopt this policy, we will be asking authors to sign the Creative Commons Attribution license (known as CC-BY), which allows for unlimited reuse, adaptation, translation, and so on of article content, provided that the work is attributed by any subsequent user. This license complies with the Research Councils UK (RCUK) and Wellcome Trust mandates, as authors in receipt of a grant from the Trust, RCUK, or one of RCUK’s constituents, must publish under this license. More information can be found on the Creative Commons website.
Since 2006 we have also provided the option on subscription-based journals for authors to make their article fully open access on publication upon payment of an APC fee. We support the recent STM statement on Open Access, which states that: “We believe that authors should be able to publish in the journal of their choice, where publication will have the greatest potential to advance their field”. In order to facilitate this choice, from 2013, we plan to implement the T&F Open Select (“Gold OA”) facility across the majority of our journals.
In the OA arena, and particularly when it comes to APC models, we are keenly aware of our need to provide the best levels of service and care for our author communities. We continue to work on enhancing processes, systems and turnaround times for authors, providing a state-of –the-art online platform to maximize discoverability, supplying article metrics to offer maximum transparency, as well as undertaking extensive marketing campaigns for driving usage and impact. This is in conjunction with the development of our author services more widely, as detailed on our Author Services website.
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Sarah Blatchford is the Regional Director for Routledge/Taylor & Francis Australasia. You can email Sarah at and find out more about Taylor & Francis at

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