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Creative Commons at Nethui South
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On November 23 and 24, InternetNZ is holding its first regional NetHui in Dunedin, Nethui South. As usual, the programme runs the gamut of Internet issues, including policy, governance, law, copyright, education, society, culture, business and innovation
For those used to specialist conferences–boasting text heavy powerpoints, unfamiliar jargon and long-winded presentations–NetHui comes as a welcome relief. Aside from the keynote addresses, NetHui is a remarkably participatory conference. In an education session at July’s Auckland NetHui, I heard from teachers, government officials, private sector workers, parents, concerned citizens, librarians, and even a high school student volunteering at the event. Where else does this happen? I can think of no other event with nearly this level of popular participation. While ‘unconferences’ have become increasingly popular, Nethui remains, at $40, by far the cheapest, and is far more likely to include those that would be otherwise priced out of attendance.
So, we like Nethui. Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand has been proud to feature in the last two events. In the 2011 conference, Creative Commons co-founder Lawrence Lessig turned up, and we launched our popular ‘CC Kiwi’ video. In July 2012, we had a great discussion about the future of open access and open licensing in New Zealand’s universities with academics from New Zealand and Australia.
For NetHui South, we’re continuing our support. We’re a community sponsor of the conference and, as usual, we’re hosting a free Creative Commons meeting after BEFORE the official events, at 11am at the Kakapo Room of the Museum. Whether you are a teacher, student, researcher, creator, innovator or are simply curious about open culture, feel free to come along.
At this free meetup, you’ll:
• Learn about ‘The New Storytelling,’ a Creative Commons Mix & Mash style showcase for New Zealand students;
• Hear from local teachers, academics and students about the use of open licensing in education and research;
• Discuss the use of Creative Commons licences in culture and the arts; and
• Help shape the next phase of the Creative Commons project in Aotearoa New Zealand.
In typical NetHui fashion, the meet-up will be open and participatory. Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand is keen to hear about your CC experiences, answer your CC questions and learn more about your use of CC licences.
If you’re interested in coming along, please email
When: 6.30pm, Friday 23 November
Where: Museum

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