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As I wrote last year, MOOCs have been in the news of late. In November, the New York Times went so far as to give their latest MOOC article the headline, The Year of the MOOC. Closer to home, the cover story of the October 20 New Zealand Listener (paywall) discussed the potential ‘shakeup’ of higher education by online courses.
It didn’t take long for that shakeup to occur: Over the summer, New Zealand’s own Open Educational Resources Foundation announced that the University of Southern Queensland would run their own MOOC–a foundational course in International Relations– as part of the Open Educational Resources University (OERu),with academic credit for those who passed.
Soon after, New Zealand’s Otago Polytechnic, joining the Creative Commons birthday celebrations, announced that their new Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education would be offered as a full credential course on the OERu network. As with those offered by University of Southern Queensland, all course materials would be freely available under an open Creative Commons licence.
And now, to coincide with Open Education Week in March, the School of Open is offering its first set of courses! As Creative Commons’ own Jane Park puts it, the School runs volunteer courses on “the meaning and impact of ‘openness’ in the digital age and its benefit to creative endeavours, education, research and beyond.”
The first batch of courses includes Australian and US versions of ‘Copyright 4 Educators’ and an introduction to writing Wikipedia articles. Ten more courses—including those on open science, Creative Commons licences and open video—will also be launched after March 11.
If that’s not enough, OER Week events are also taking place across the world! Check out this post from Jane Park at Creative Commons HQ to learn more.

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