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The Creative Commons Playlist
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Late last year, we ran a crowd-funding campaign to pay two interns to come in and make some new resources. Over thirty people from around the world chipped in, giving us a total of $2765!
All that generosity didn’t go unrewarded: We sent out posters, DVDs, remix guides and–by far the most popular reward–our playlist of openly licensed music. Now that all the CDs and USBs have been at their respective homes for a few months, I thought we might as well share it with everyone else.
As I said in my letter to the donors, the playlist is a melange of openly licensed songs from around the world, crossing many genres, styles and cultures. If you like what you hear, I recommend jumping on Jamendo, the Free Music Archive and the Internet Archive and checking out some of the millions of other openly songs available for free and legal download.
PS: scroll down to find two special bonus tracks from the winner of the Free Music Archive’s Revitalise Music Contest. The winning band, Crown the Invisible, remade the 1911 public domain song “The Spaniard That Blighted My Life” by Billy Merson.

The Playlist

Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

Tryad. “The Final Rewind.”
Brad Sucks “Dropping Out of School.”
Strange Zero. “Different Feelings.”

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial

Aaahhhrchestra. “Denmaaaahhrk Compilation.”
Shoes and Socks Off. “Tork Sport.”
Jon Lemmon. “Harmonics (sketch).” (New Zealand)

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

Lilian Hak. “My Only Friend.”
Bella Ruse. “Push On.”
Emerald Park. “At the Mall.”
Disasteradio. “Gravy Rainbow.”  (New Zealand)

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike

Abdou Day. “Libre.”
PlusPlus. “Game Over.”
Antony Raijekov. “Deep Blue.”
Bonus. “Odysseus.”
Dot. “IMF.”
Wet Wings. “Stockholm.”  (New Zealand).

Ghosts. “Grief and Sleep.”
Plastic Flowers. “Empty Eyes.”
State Shirt. “Computer.”

Public Domain Bonus  Tracks!

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