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CC Clinics for Schools
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To make it easier for teachers, librarians and school leaders to get in touch, we’re piloting a new project: Creative Commons Clinics for Schools.
We’re holding weekly Google Hangouts for those working in the schools sector who are keen to discuss and learn more about copyright and CC.
Because Google Hangouts are limited to ten participants, we’ll do our best to take and publish notes from each call, so those who can’t make it can follow along. As we go, we’ll also fold common questions into new print and online resources.
Sign up using the form below and we’ll invite you to the Hangout.
Once you’re invited, add an agenda item — either a topic for discussion, or a question — to the collaborative note-taking document here. Every call is currently slated to start with a very short introduction to CC, which can be shortened or lengthened depending on who signs up.
We’re experimenting with two times: one after school, and one during lunchtime (which is likely to change from school to school). If one time proves more popular than the other, we’ll make the necessary adjustments. If we haven’t got the times right, let us know, and we’ll add some more sessions.
We know that schools are busy places, so if you can only come for part of the scheduled time, that’s fine – you’re still more than welcome to join us.
As this is a new idea, we’re very keen for your feedback. Please let us know what you think:
Front page image credit: Raise-your-hand by Ahmed Sagarwala, CC-BY, via the Noun Project.

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