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Help Make Open Educational Resources for Kiwi Teachers
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Next year, we’re going to help organise a series of Open Educational Resources Sprints.
A OER sprint – known as a hack weekend in the technology community – is where a group of enthusiastic volunteers get together to make new open educational resources in a short period of time (that’s the ‘sprint’ part).
The resources are then made available to everyone, for free, under an open Creative Commons licence, allowing others to copy, adapt and reuse (that’s the ‘open’ part).
This isn’t a new idea. One inspiring project was the Oppikirjamaraton, in which a group of thirty maths teachers wrote a new high school textbook in five hours.
Closer to home, the Media Text Hack saw a group of educators create a free and open Media Studies undergraduate textbook in a weekend (now an assigned textbook at the University of Otago).
So, which resources will be made? That’s entirely up to the teams that take part. We’ve already contacted the associations for English, Digital Technologies and Science teachers, and other associations are welcome to jump on board.
If you’re keen to get involved, fill out the form, below, and we’ll keep you in the loop. You can also join our Loomio group, where we’ll be doing most of the organising.

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