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CCANZ Advisory Panel Chair Fabiana Kubke has now come to the end of her four-year term as Chair, and we want to express our thanks and appreciation for her devoted service.
Fabiana has been an active member of the Creative Commons community for many years and served on the first incarnation of the CCANZ Advisory Panel back in 2010-2011. She came back on board a couple of years later and became Chair in 2013. Fabiana is one of the most dedicated supporters that CCANZ has ever had, and has given an enormous amount of unpaid time and energy to the cause.
Fabiana’s work for Open Access, Open Research, and formalising Board practice has been exemplary. She has built CC into university research practice through perseverance, collaboration, and charm. CCANZ’s debt to her is immense and we wish her all the very best.
As CCANZ is currently going through a period of transition, the Advisory Panel Chairship will for the time being be shared amongst the currently serving Panel members on a rotating basis, starting with Mark Crookston.

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