Tohatoha launches book drive to help school libraries tackle and educate about online misinformation

Tohatoha launches book drive to help school libraries tackle and educate about online misinformation

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Non-profit seeks book title recommendations and funding via PledgeMe

As non-profit group Tohatoha rolls out its new campaign to tackle online misinformation with The Glass Room exhibition this week, the organisation is also calling for funding support for a drive to give school libraries books to educate students on this challenging topic.

The internationally renowned exhibition is scheduled to appear in school libraries across New Zealand in two-week periods over the next six months, with accompanying workshops for teachers and librarians tackling questions like: ‘How do we know if a picture, tweet or video is genuine or truthful? And what can we do if we can’t be sure?’

After the exhibit moves on from each library, Tohatoha wants to leave behind a selection of books that will help students at that school continue their education around the topic of online misinformation, and has launched a book drive via Kiwi crowd-funding platform PledgeMe to do so.

Visit the PledgeMe campaign web site here:

Tohatoha CEO, Mandy Henk, says that the Glass Room exhibition developed by international NGO Tactical Tech can be just the start of the education journey about misinformation for young people.

“There are some excellent books out there that can shed more light on this issue, and we’ll be curating a list of titles to offer to school librarians on this topic. We want the help of New Zealand’s academic and library community to build that list, as well as support to fund the books.”

“To recommend a title, simply visit the PledgeMe page, and add your suggestion in the comments. Then make a pledge to support the campaign to buy the books for libraries, and you’ll have your name added to the bookplates that will go inside the purchased titles.”

For a full schedule of The Glass Room exhibition’s New Zealand appearances in school libraries over the coming months, see Tohatoha’s events calendar at

To find out more about The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition, visit:

For more information about Tohatoha’s new Strategic Direction and its wider work in New Zealand, visit

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For more information, contact:
Brendan Boughen
Comms Manager, Tohatoha
Mobile: 027 839 6044

About Tohatoha
Tohatoha is a New Zealand incorporated society with a long history of supporting New Zealand communities to understand and engage with digital technologies and information access issues—legally and ethically. Tohatoha is now broadening its work to help New Zealanders understand the legal and ethical complexities of new digital and data-driven technologies, which are central to people’s ability to participate safely and fully in 21st century life. Building on our experience with community-based workshops and conversations on copyright issues, Tohatoha is now working to help people understand issues from algorithms to online propaganda, to build the trust New Zealand needs to maximise the social and economic benefits of digital technologies— for all New Zealanders.

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