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What do CC Licence Users Talk About?

[For the first few weeks of 2014, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand has been joined by three talented interns, Hannah Mettner, Conal Thompson and Sun Jeong. They’re making new Creative Commons resources, writing case studies, editing our upcoming CC book and researching the use of CC licensing in the cultural sector. Hannah, a writer and […]

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Review Is the Key to Open Access

By Andrew Preston, co-founder of Publons A favourite ploy among unsolicited email advertising, that bane of the connected world, is the offer of instant degrees conferred by bogus institutions. Easy to get, sure, but unlikely to get you far in a competitive job market. In short, where you got your degree matters. Reputation is everything. […]

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The Need for Libre Open Access

By Fabiana Kubke, Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences, at the University of Auckland and Chair of the Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand Advisory Panel. re·pos·i·to·ry noun \ri-ˈpä-zə-ˌtȯr-ē\ : a place where a large amount of something is stored : a person who possesses a lot of information, wisdom, etc. [1] At University repositories, this […]

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Open Access MegaJournals – Have They Changed Everything?

By Peter Binfield, co-founder of PeerJ and previously the Publisher of PLOS ONE. This post follows a talk at the University of British Columbia, which can be recorded and can be viewed here. The slides for the talk, synched with the audio of the talk, is available on Slideshare. The original dataset for this article, […]

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Levelling up to Open Research Data

By Deborah Fitchett, Digital Access Coordinator at Lincoln University. The movement to open up research data is gaining momentum. Both publishers and funders are starting to require researchers to publish their data at the same time as the results and conclusions they’ve derived from it. Most recently, the National Science Challenges’ Request for Proposals (pdf) […]

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A Big Year – OA in Australia 2013

By Dr Danny Kingsley This has been a big year for open access around the world, and developments in Australia have moved apace. Two things happened on the first of January 2013 – the Australian Research Council (ARC) announced their open access policy and the Australian Open Access Support Group (AOASG) began operations (disclaimer – I work […]

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LINZ Data Service

By Josh Wright In June 2011, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) launched the LINZ Data Service (LDS), a web-based tool which allows users to map and download LINZ data. LDS licences most of its data under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand licence. We sat down and had a chat with Manager Jeremy Palmer […]

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Statistics NZ

On his blog Econometrics Beat, Canadian economist David E Giles describes the open presentation of Statistics New Zealand’s (SNZ) data online: “This isn’t just a collection of boring spreadsheets. It’s a valuable and serious piece of data research.” He’s right—SNZ have been pioneers in maximising transparency through the open licensing of many of their datasets, […]

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By Holly Grover The beauty of doing research on open culture is that a wealth of case studies, conferences, discussions and blog posts is always available online – usually under a CC-license. Unsurprisingly, finding arguments against Open GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) has been somewhat more challenging–mostly because of journal paywalls.  A handful of […]

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NZ AU Open Research Conference

On 6 & 7 February 2013, the University of Auckland is hosting the NZ AU Open Research conference, with support from Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand. Researchers, academics, students and members of the public will discuss  the benefits of openness in academic research, as well as the institutional, legal and social barriers to implementing open […]

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