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Are you or your school / group / organisation / government department struggling to understand what copyright and Creative Commons is all about and what it means for you, specifically? Tohatoha is here to help!

Whether you want just a casual meet-up as an individual or with a small group, or a full learning session for a larger group with an expert, Tohatoha has a range of workshops available to suit your needs.

We offer three main types of workshop:

  • Creative Commons in NZ schools
  • NZGOAL training for government
  • Creative Commons for everyone!

These workshops are a key part of our mission to grow a national movement that advocates, promotes, and enables openness and sharing in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world.

Prices vary depending on your location and the number of participants involved. No matter where you are in Aotearoa, Tohatoha can bring our expertise and knowledge on the benefits of openness to your community.

Here’s what others have had to say about our workshops:

Mandy’s workshop was rich with information… she presented to around 40 communications specialists, content developers and designers working in the public sector, and I’m confident that everyone learned something and was able to take away some useful tips and leads to follow up on. I’ve already used some of the tools she pointed us towards, and they’ve proven extremely useful. Thank you Mandy – you’ve developed our agency’s knowledge, and you were great to work with.

Mandy inspiring folk at the Wellington Open Data meetup on copyright.

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