Creative Commons in Schools

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By adopting a Creative Commons policy, Kiwi schools can empower their teachers to use Creative Commons copyright licences to legally share and collaborate with other New Zealand teachers — saving everyone a lot of time and money.

This is necessary because New Zealand teachers don’t, as employees, hold first ownership of copyright to resources they create in the course of their employment. Instead this is held by their school’s Board of Trustees. This means that when teachers share such resources, they are infringing the Board’s copyright.

As more teaching and learning is done online, these issues around intellectual property are becoming much harder to ignore. A Creative Commons policy is a good way to clarify your school’s position on intellectual property — including first ownership of copyright to teaching resources — while still encouraging sharing and collaboration.

Hundreds of Kiwi schools have already taken this step, which is fully approved by the government’s open licensing policy. We have developed an annotated template Creative Commons policy for schools to use, which you’re welcome to download.

We’re available to come to your school to help you figure out exactly how to make this all happen