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The Unintended Benefits of Libre Licensing

7 May 20147 May 2014

Daniel Strypey Bruce [This is a piece from a member the Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ community., and is licensed CC-BY-SA. If you want to write for us, please email] When Land Information New Zealand officials, prompted by the support in NZGOAL for free culture CC licenses, started liberating the publicly-funded map data they hold...

More from Our March Events

More from Our March Events

27 March 201427 March 2014

In the middle of March, we held a series of events on Creative Commons policies in schools in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington. The events featured lightning talks from a handful of experts in government, law and education, who outlined the legal, technical and cultural reasons for schools to implement a Creative Commons policy. While we...


Sharing, Collaboration and Copyright

18 March 201418 March 2014

Over the last week, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand has been running free ‘CC in Schools’ workshops across the country. Later in the week, we’ll post slides, audio and summaries of each of the speakers, as well as the issues raised in the lively Q&As that followed. With support from InternetNZ, these workshops talked about how...


Copyright – The Informal Formality

30 January 201430 January 2014

By Conal Thompson It is a common misconception that copyright in a work needs to be registered in order to be recognised. The truth is that in New Zealand copyright exists as soon as a work is created, and whether or not copyright does exist in a work is determined by a set of rules...

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