Luqman Hayes

Committee Member

I am a big supporter of Tohatoha, its advocacy for growing the Commons and its work educating on open access and copyright. As a librarian based at Auckland University of Technology with a background in journalism and writing I can provide a relevant and informed contribution to furthering the direction and strategy of Tohatoha.

I have expertise in scholarly communications, in particular the development of systems for supporting sustainable and equitable open access to research. My team set up Tuwhera in 2016. We now support eight open access, peer reviewed journals alongside other fully open collections utilising Creative Commons licences for sharing content globally. I have also written and presented on issues of relevance to Tohatoha especially in the New Zealand context in relation to indigeneity and the Māori values which underpin the work we do with Tuwhera.

Having a seat on the committee enables me to build synergies between the values of Tuwhera and those of Tohatoha. I am actively involved in scholarly communications, research support and open access networks, such as the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group and will use these links to both inform the work I do with Tohatoha and to seek out new collaborations and opportunities of benefit to the work of the organisation and the communities it represents. As a founding member of Tohatoha I am motivated to contribute to growing its influence and impact as a force for critically-informed change and progress within the open movement. I am a critical as well as a creative thinker, qualities which I feel are crucial to helping shape Tohatoha as a dynamic movement supporting knowledge and creativity in Aotearoa.